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Google Introduces Pirate Update To Penalize Pirate Websites
Google Introduces Pirate Update To Penalize Pirate Websites

Major search engine giant Google has recently introduced that there will be a new search update roll out for fighting against the piracy. With the introduction of this new update, it expects that the visibly will affect the websites’ rankings as the signals are refined in many ways. Furthermore, they are also expanding this update in order to demote auto-complete predictions which return results with various Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) demoted web portals. In 2012, Google has however a downgrading system, but it lacked effectiveness as per MPAA, RIAA and other copyright industry groups.

Know about New Pirate Update

This new update acts like a filter which is just same as another earlier updates – Panda or Penguin. In this procedure, Google will process all the known websites via the pirate filter and if there is any deem to be in violation, they will receive a lower ranking. On the other hand, if there are no or fewer complaints found, then they will return back in Google’s good graces. However, it can’t be predicted how it works yet as there is no Pirate Update filter run by the Google.

Introduction of New Ad Formats

Apart from this, there is an announcement of anti-piracy effort – new ad display which promotes the legitimate sources of online content such as music and movies. On searches, the ads will appear including words such as “free”, “download” or “watch” and will point the searchers to the web portals as well as services such as Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and many others wherein can be consumed or bought legally.

At last, there is an update in Auto-complete feature of Google wherein some search terms suggested when a user types anything in the search box. Google will show now less terms in Autocomplete when those search terms produce search results including various websites with DMCA requests filed against them.

HWY Cloud Inc is aware about all update and none of their client’s ranking is fluctuate even business as we have experts professionals, who keep update with Google latest algorithm.

Demystifying Local Media Trends That You Must Know
Demystifying Local Media Trends That You Must Know

The time has come when business should start preparing effective marketing plans for the next year i.e. 2015. In the local marketing, there is a constant change and it has opened up various doors for local businesses for retaining current customer base in new ways and for acquiring new customers. Here are some latest trends that every advertiser should consider while doing preparations for the next year.

The dependency upon mobile usage among customers has increased

As per the statistics of Nielsen, comScore and StatCounter, mobile phones have a U.S. Market penetration of 72% and it is assumed that it will likely to grow 90% by 2016. Moreover, in the U.S., around 35% web traffic comes from tablets, mobile phones etc. Unlike any other medium, the rate of mobile usage among some products is higher for e.g. around 59% of Yelp searches, 75% of Pinterest traffic and 81% of Twitter revenue generates from mobile. The data itself highlights the significance of businesses and local advertisers connecting with customers through mobile devices.

2. Many Customers Use Smartphone for Payments

According to PriceWaterhouseCopper, it has been estimated that mobile value added services and spend including m-commerce, mobile analytics, mobile ads, m-coupons, virtual currencies will reach to $250B. Now-a-days, there are so many apps and services used by customers to make payment through their phone like Isis Mobile Wallet, Square, Passbook, Dwolla, Znap, GoWallet etc. As local advertisers and businesses, you should have knowledge about these products and you should include them in an advertising program.

Usage of Various Tools To Connect With Offline and Online World

There are numerous innovative tools such as Placed, Datalogix, LiveRamp, Adometry etc. that assist local businesses to tune up digital strategies.

Usage of Location Targeting Tools

With innovative location targeting tools and services, businesses and local advertisers can enhance their ads relevancy and as the result ROI. Also, display ads should be customized by using demographic data or other data in diverse locations like age, homeownership or income.

Increase of Wearable Devices

In 2014, around $6B wearable devices is changing interactions and business models with consumers. But, as per 2013 IHS whitepaper, it will increase to $30B by 2018. Therefore, advertising on these devices would permit a business to provide customer service and on-the-spot coupons and to gain insight into a customer’s preferences and habits.

Rise on Social Media Engagement

Every business and local advertiser should ensure whether their social media presence is engaging, consistent as well as promoting services and products or not.

Customers Assume Seamless Communication & Integration in All the Devices

Today, customers are using various smart devices like glasses, phones, watches, cars, textiles etc. to improve their lives. Therefore, it is necessary for every local advertiser to check how many digital devices impact their clients and businesses.

Customers Utilize Digital Personal Assistants To Locate Businesses

Google Now, Siri or Cortana are some personal digital assistants that have impacted customer behavior very much. Therefore, businesses should invest in resources to ensure their availability and searchability by all these services.

RSS/Atom Feeds vs. XML Sitemaps – Both are Best for Optimal Crawling
RSS/Atom Feeds vs. XML Sitemaps – Both are Best for Optimal Crawling

In website optimization, it is very important to submit sitemaps in search engines. By doing so, search engines can quickly discover all the WebPages of a site as well as to download them in the quick manner if there are any modifications in the site. Webmasters ever get confused whether they should setup Atom/RSS Feeds or submit sitemaps to tell search engines about the website content. Google recommends using both. Let’s see how to use and optimize them for Google.

RSS feeds and Sitemaps

RSS, XML sitemaps and Atom are some formats of sitemaps. The main difference amongst them is that

Atom/RSS feeds describe recent changes and on the other hand, XML sitemaps tell the whole URLs set within a site. Also, there are some important implications such as:

  • RSS Feeds or Atom Feeds are smaller and on the contrary, XML sitemaps are mainly large.
  • RSS/Atom Feeds are downloaded more frequently than XML sitemaps.

According to Google, XML sitemaps and RSS feeds are best for optimal crawling. Sitemaps will provide all the information of pages of a site to Google and RSS feeds will give all the updates of the website and will assist Google to keep updated your content in the index. However, submission of both don’t take guarantee the URL indexing.

Simply put Atom/RSS feeds and XML sitemaps are the best way to optimize a site crawling for the most popular search engine – Google and other engines. In these files, the main information is the Canonical URL and the last modification pages time with the site. Setting them in proper way and notifying Google and other sites via sitemaps and pings will permit you to crawl optimally as well as to represent in SERPs accordingly. Contact the well reputed SEO Company today to create them for your web portals!

A Bigger Update ever:-Panda 4.1 — Google’s 27th Panda Update — is Rolling Out!!
A Bigger Update ever:-Panda 4.1 — Google’s 27th Panda Update — is Rolling Out!!

After a Panda 4.0 (indentify or prevents the websites having low quality content in the top result pages), Google has come up with new update, that is 4.1. This is quiet modified than the earlier one. It is proved as a filter for the poor or emaciated contents. In a post on Google Plus, it is given that within this week slow rollouts comes up with the execution and still remain for next week as well. With such a beginning, search queries will be affected 3%-5%, said by Google.

Is this quite innovative and defined release than a previous one?

Unlike 4.0 Release, Panda 4.1 is definitely more accurate and precise, although. For small and medium sized websites, a release sounds more accountable and effective, also allows accelerating quality. (Note: – The distinctness of both releases is based on the feedback of the webmasters and other adepts of the industry. However, this is impressive and a positive call for the webmasters or users.)

What is Google Panda- Rollout is all about?

It must be striking, what is rollout? It is a platform to re-emerge again! Previous release was made to identify and penalize website of poor quality contents. Comparatively, 4.1 Release has come up with the new signals and modifications for webmasters. For high ranks and increase in traffic, correct alterations are just required.

An alarming situation and new opportunity knocking altogether!

Those websites did not come across with the impact of Panda 4.0 now suppose to be affected with the recent Panda 4.1 update. This latest update may drop down the traffic this week or forth coming days from Google. This can be a reason to blame Google.

Apparently, the websites get affected with a previous update will rollout now. Any penalized sites by Panda get an opportunity or a second chance to make the correct changes as per the algorithm. If right alterations are made, within the end of a week webmasters can see maximized traffic in the top results page of Google.

So, this is a right time to emerge and increase traffic by doing appropriate changes!

Role of HWY Cloud Inc towards the Release

Being a responsible firm, we follow every algorithm and do the job accurately. We majorly focus on producing high quality content over a site, that higher traffic and ranks on SERP. HWY Cloud Inc is always keep updated with Google’s algorithm and presently till with 27th update (Panda 4.1)

Using private blog networks? Means Violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines!!
Using private blog networks? Means Violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines!!ection

Google has recently report, websites that are participating private blog networks will go through the serious manual action penalties. Unsubstantiated reports lead to the colossal penalty. Through Google Webmaster tools, manual action notice released out, extensively on September 18th carrying thin content spam or poor quality content. It is considered to be a search spam and Google can take any kind of action.

However, in order to falsely blow up the rankings webmasters practice PBN via link or content spamming. Private Blog Network has been used extensively by end number of the websites but now they are hit by Google and its guidelines. After adversely affected by the manual action numerous webmaster claiming that they will never utilize PBN.

Have a look, what can be actions taken for using private blog networks!!

  • Google apply a manual spam action to a page, if a site subjected to any thin content along with little or no added value.
  • Detect the pages using alien techniques that are prohibited by the Webmaster Guidelines.

Apart from that, webmasters those who practice PBN extensively are not believed that their network will completely ends, soon.

Though, this tool also suggest required recommendation on which webmaster has to work on. Required changes should be made and submission of reconsideration request. If you have done all the desired changes as per the guidelines, all the manual action will be repealed.

A precise description of PBN

It is commonly a group of blogs and websites that are managed by a single publisher. With such practice one can build up huge links helping in increasing ranks. It is not meant for public visitors. The core mission of private blog network is to only generate links. PBN operations are subjected towards the search engine optimization functions and requirements.

Few examples of pages having thin content with little or no added value:-

Such kinds of pages completely frown by Google!

Indulgence of HWY Cloud Inc towards guidelines

HWY Cloud Inc do not emphasis on such practices that can adversely affect rank and authenticity of a site. However, firm abide all the guidelines and work accordingly. We believe in practicing white hat techniques to have greater outcomes along with gratification.

Google Stopped Showing Authorship in Search Engine Result Page
Google Stopped Showing Authorship in Search Engine Result PageSection

The major search engine Google has recently announced that now the names of the authors will not display in search engines result page. This great experiment has come to end now after three years. Now, there will be no tracking data from the content using markup rel=author. When the company started it some years ago, it seemed very complicated process. But the process became easier by using a markup rel=”author” in posts. It was launched with a vision to enable writers for claiming their content as well as gaining followers by showing the work of author in SERPs. Apart from this, there is also an Author Rank Feature that assists users to separate useless information by scoring the author’s reputation in terms of sharing great information.

After a three-year experiment, Google found that it wasn’t much good for the readers because it had believed and posed even a distraction. This has been updated by Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller in one of his Google+ posts. Therefore, there is no surprise then, Google has decided to stop this feature as of now. However, there will be expanded and continuous support by the company to the structured markup like This markup assists all the search engines to know the context and content of pages over the internet. There will be continuous support by the company to display rich snippets in SERPs.

Nevertheless, the search users can still able to see Google+ posts from pages as well as friends as relevant to the query – both in the right-hand side and in the main results. The change of authorship will not impact on these social features. Besides, Google will also continue to expand and to improve the set of free tools for the webmasters so that they can easily optimize their sites. Apart from this, you can drive massive traffic for your website by hiring Best Seo Firms that will provide you robust solutions for your business.

Local Results Updated Once Again By Google Pigeon
Local Results Updated Once Again By Google PigeonSection

It appears that the most popular search engine Google has recently updated the local search results which was pushed out on 24th July originally since the latest Google Pigeon update. It has been notified by many webmasters and business owners in one Webmaster World thread. However, some are considering it as the biggest Google update to local search. According to Google, it will make the searches more closely to mimic traditional rankings. In the earlier reports, it showed the consistent feedback that specific sectors and queries had been impacted such as real estate and that directories were showing the SERPs above local businesses.

Besides, this new local algorithm has deeper into the capabilities of web search such as many ranking signals Google utilizes in web search with great search features like synonyms, spelling correction, knowledge graph and a lot more. Moreover, it will also have better accuracy over location rankings and distance. However, the latest algorithm resolves the problems for many, yet there are many businesses that have been experiencing a loss. If you want to perform well over the web, then you should do the best SEO practices such as

  • Devise a local-focused and great content strategy
  • Manage your Google listing in efficient manner
  • List your business on Google My Business
  • Adopt traditional and innovative on-page SEO techniques
  • Maintain a good presence on Social Media

Likewise, you can approach the best SEO Firm that specializes in acquiring top website ranking in the World Wide Web.

Google Maps Rolled Out Turn-by-turn Navigation to More Countries
SeGoogle Maps Rolled Out Turn-by-turn Navigation to More Countriesction

Now, Google Maps can suggest more people turning left or right at the next intersection with navigation feature. This feature has reached in 20 countries more. However, this turn by turn navigation expansion is now available to Caribbean, African and South American nations along with Nepal and Sri Lanka in Asia. Today, the total count is reached to 104 countries. Recently, the major search engine Google has announced that they are going to start a support to a whole host of new nations for the most-used navigation tool on smartphone – Google Maps.

This navigation feature is free to get directions to walking, driving and biking in many countries. However, it is available in Beta mode right now. But it can be accessible in various countries including Malawi, Jamaica, Fiji, Botswana, Bolivia, Bahamas, Angola, Namibia, Tobago, Tanzania, Nepal, Tobago, Malata and a lot more. Now, the users of Android (and iOS) in these countries can get turn by turn spoken directions absolutely free in the app of Google Maps. But you should make sure whether your latest version of app on your smartphone or not. The free navigation instructions given by Google Maps may be accurate but it may be possible some errors. Therefore, you should not much depend on this app. This new feature is available at android devices running various versions of Google Maps. If you have older version in your phone, then it is suggested to upgrade the Google Maps. This upgrade can easily be get started by upgrading My Maps. To access this feature, you have to just open new My Maps and thereafter, you have to click on upgrade classic My Maps and just have to follow some simple instructions.

Apart from this, there are Voice Action shortcuts too that would permit the users navigate a destination without entering a single word on the gadget. For this, you have to just touch a microphone icon of your home screen saying “Navigate to (Your intended destination) and thereafter wait for the Navigation app to launch and let you know about turn-by-turn directions of your destination.

After Google, Microsoft Bing also Introduced Dynamic Sitelinks
After Google, Microsoft Bing also Introduced Dynamic Sitelinks

Microsoft has recently launched a new Dynamic Sitelinks feature for Bing Ads. In this feature, it will improve click-through rates and relevance for SMB advertisers. This same feature was unveiled by Google in July. Now, Bing is just following its footsteps. With the launch of this new feature, Bing wants to add easier for the webmasters. The team of Bing Ads has introduced this feature to assist small-to-medium size businesses. These ads are new clickable text additions to enhance and enrich the information supplies through ad copy and headline.

Moreover, they assist the prospective customers for evaluating what your portal is offering before click through. By doing so, it will save the consumer’s precious time and will provide you the more target customer opportunities. It will match up the Display URL domain along with deep links information. Likewise, they are pulled from knowledge base of Bing automatically without any extra effort. At the time ad delivery, this enhanced feature will automatically appear. However, the advertisers can also customize their ad through Ad Extension Tab in the UI.

Message: As the advertiser, you can add call to action such as “Sign up today” which is not available in the annotation.

Targeting: Based upon your goals, this site extension will allow geo-tagging.

Data: Besides, you can also direct prospective consumers to the specific pages which you really want to promote.

Likewise, you can also choose Dynamic Sitelinks by contacting support or via your account manager. These Sitelinks can appear on ads on tablets, desktop and mobile. Moreover, there will be no impact upon ad rotation. If you still have any problem, then you can contact best seo firms anytime for assistance!

Bing Unveiled Spam Filtering Mechanism
Bing Unveiled Spam Filtering Mechanism

The Principal Development Manager of the Bing Index Quality, Igor Rondel has recently posted in a Bing Search blog that they have unveiled a spam filter some months earlier which impacted around 3% of all search queries. It was targeted URL keyword stuffing in the domain or URL in an effort in order to enhance the website ranking in the search engine. Moreover, it says that hardly 5 million websites along with 130 million URLs have been impacted that result in the minimize over 75% traffic towards the websites from Bing. For this, it investigated various signals that advice possible use of URL keyword stuffing like the number of words in domain/host names & path, the number of hosts, site size and a lot more.

As per Bing, it is very essential to address this kind of spam just because this widely used technique has great importance for SERP presence and the URLs appear in the result pages for the best matches to queries which provokes users to click on them. However, it doesn’t reveal any specific details on its detection algorithms just because spammers may use the knowledge of algorithm to evolve the techniques. The search engine looks at:

  • Host/domain names containing certain pattern/lexicons combinations (For e.g. event, year and product name).
  • Percent of the site cluster comprised of top frequency domain/host name keywords
  • Site/page content quality and popularity signals
  • Domain/Host/path keyword co-occurrence (inclusive bigrams and unigrams)
  • URL Squatting

In order to detect spam, they mainly look at

  • Number of hosts
  • Site Size
  • Host domain names containing pattern/lexicon combinations
  • Site/page content quality and popularity signals
  • Number of words in domain/host names and path
  • % of the site cluster comprised of top frequency domain/host name keywords

In order to increase this, it strives to cluster websites by numerous pivots like owner, domain etc and thereafter it looks signals patterns listed above in the same cluster. It assists to improve detection precision because there are many spammers who often develop hundreds/dozens of similar looking websites.

New Benchmark Reports are Back in Google Analytics
New Benchmark Reports are Back in Google Analytics

Now, the users of Google Analytics can easily compare their results with the industry rivals by selecting 1250 markets, 7 size buckets and 1600 industry categories. Recently, it has been announced by Google Analytics that it will be rolled out in the next few weeks and will facilitate the users to compare the results as per engagement metrics and industry standard acquisition. In the new benchmark report, it will show engagement metrics and acquisition such as bounce rate and sessions by location, channel or device category dimensions. With a helpful heat map feature, you can easily see the areas of opportunity and strength as well as where to devote more resources.

If you want to access these reports, then you have to just go to Audience → Benchmarking in the left navigation of reporting section. And you will get the benchmarking data for each value for the following dimensions including:

  • Device(i.e. Mobile, desktop and tablet)
  • Default Channel Grouping (i.e. Direct, Social, Paid Search, Organic Search, Email channels and displays)
  • Location (Country/Territory)

Moreover, you can compare data against benchmarks for the metrics like % New Sessions, Pages/ session, Bounce Rate, Avg. Session Duration, Sessions (i.e. number of sessions) etc. It is a great way to compare the company’s performance with the industry rivals. To enable a benchmark account, you have to just sign in your Google Analytics Account and thereafter, you should click Admin at the top of any Google Analytics screen. Afterwards, under account, just click Account settings and select the checkbox ‘Anonymously with Google and others’ & then just save it.

A renowned vacation rental company has also claimed that the benchmark reports has assisted the company a lot in enhancing email marketing efforts. It has also claimed that the email marketing average open rate of the company has jumped to 48% and earned a 40% click through rate after learning from the reports. With these reports, they easily reallocated budget, time and resources which are running down towards the deficiency. Therefore, if you want to achieve your monthly targets, then you should set up this account today!

Will Penguin 3.0 Give You a Sign of Relief from Hampering Effects?
Will Penguin 3.0 Give You a Sign of Relief from Hampering Effects?

After being affected by Google Penguin, millions of webmasters have done meticulous link audits. These professionals have done work hard to remove each and every link that could be determined by major search engine Google as link scheme part. But they didn’t get any payback of their hard work as Penguin is not incorporated into the ongoing and normal search engine refreshes. It needs the complete rerun as per Google’s John Mueller. Presumptively, there is one return occur for those websites that have swapped their spam links with real links. These websites will get a reward with a lift in Search Engine Result Page(SERPs). But all the benefits will given to those who worked hard to fix the issue.

On the other hand, if you don’t have done hardwork to clean your website, this new update may affect your site further. Penguin 2.0 has attained a great success in identifying Spammy links and this latest update will identify all the disavow and bad links that lost by its predecessor. It means that if your website has not attempted to recover, then it’s ranking will be down further in SERPs. If you want to give protection to your website from this new update, then you have to follow some steps. Let’s see what are they:

First of all, you should determine whether your site has affected by Penguin or not by using an enhanced tool. By using this tool, you can easily compare your website traffic with the Penguin rollout dates. If you see any traffic drop sync with a rollout, then it may be impacted by Penguin. But you should perform a full site audit from the renowned SEO Company to determine. If you found that your website has been hit by Penguin, then you should perform a link audit to ensure whether every backlink in your profile conforms as per Google Webmaster Guidelines or not. From escaping from the grip of penguin, you have to prevent from it. The worst part is that you have to wait for the next 10+ months for the next chance to recover.

However, if your website is not affected by penguin, then it is not a win-win situation for you. Now, the time has come to purge all the paid, spammy and EMAT links of your profile. Your website may be at high risk if you don’t have avail outstanding link building services from a premier company and hire a company offering offshore link- building services to the clients. To avoid penalized your website, you should work on backlink profile and do focus on post-penalty marketing activities as compliance with Webmaster guidelines.

Google Introduced Panda 4.0 to Punish Low Quality Websites
Google Introduced Panda 4.0 to Punish Low Quality Websites

The head of Google’s Webspam Team, Matt Cutts, has recently announced in a tweet about new version 4.0 of Google Panda. This algorithm has designed for preventing websites with low quality website content in order to achieve higher website ranking in search results. Although Google Panda is refreshed once in a month, but it is considered as the major update than ever.

The intention of Google updates is similar as previous updates. It is a great attempt to discriminate against those web pages that publish useless, thin or duplicate content only to drive a huge amount of traffic to the website through Google. The only purpose of Google is to provide excellent quality web pages to the readers as well as to hide low quality sites’ results. In Google Panda 4.0 Update, there are mainly two key things to focus in order to get advantage from business. You should focus on:

Panda Focuses on Quality and Fresh Content

The Internet dominant Google had released a Panda algorithm with an aim not to show low-quality websites in the search engine results which contain copied or scrapped content. And 4.0 version has released in this continuation. This new update emphasizes the requirement of posting high quality content on the frequent basis rather than just changing a product page.

In the first step, you should have an official blog on your site allowing you to publish content. But you should share new content regularly. As well, you should ensure that your content is relevant, unique and engaging for both consumers and search engines. In this regard, you can publish relevant and excellent quality content such as videos, how-to articles, lists and other stuff related to your industry on your business blog.

Well-designed Online Portals Matter to Google

As all of us aware that the published content plays a significant role in making a quality website. However, everybody should focus on other factors as well. When we talk about search engine optimization today, quality refers to the user experience entirely like site navigation and structure, user-friendly Meta data and content, a mobile-optimized site etc. All these factors are very effective to get indexed a site in the search engine and driving relevant audience. There is no need to worry if your web portal has designed all these elements. But if not, it will be more difficult for you to drive more visitors from Google.

25% to 30% Duplicate Web Content is Okay: Says Matt Cutts
25% to 30% Duplicate Web Content is Okay: Says Matt Cutts

The head of search spam Google, Matt Cutts, has recently shared his views related to duplicate content and its outcome in the search results of Google. He said that around 25 percent to 30 percent is duplicate. Over the web, there is over one-quarter content on all the web pages is duplicative and repetitive. But there is no need to worry about it said by Matt Cutts. The major Internet dominant, Google doesn’t recognize this type of content as spam. But it is again true fact that it shows only one of those pages in the result page and this is just like a penalty if your content has not listed on their search results. But actually, it is not penalized. In fact, major search engine Google retrieves all the duplicate content and collects them into a cluster. Thereafter, it shows the best results in that cluster. He also tells how Google takes care of duplicate content when it affects your search rankings.

For the webmasters, duplicate content has always been a very big concern. Whenever a site steals the content of another website or they are not sure that they have unique and best quality content on the portal, then it is a big problem for being duplicated out of the Google index. Matt Cutts said that Google has a right to penalize a website which contains excessive duplicate content. However, duplicate content is normal and not considered as spam.

If you are interested to have the best content on your website, then you should take help from a reputed SEO Company that specializes in developing informative and engaging content for the portal. With impressive and presentable content, you can easily attract a large flow of visitors to the site.

Google Released Penguin 2.1 Spam-Filtering Algorithm
Google Released Penguin 2.1 Spam-Filtering Algorithm

Matt Cutts – Head of Google’s Web Spam team – has updated on twitter about the new official announcement for Penguin update i.e. Penguin 5. Although it is called Penguin 5, it is an improved version of its earlier Google “Penguin 2” update. So, Google itself addressed it as “Penguin 2.1”.

Cutts tweeted that Penguin 2.1 is launching today and it will affect ~1% of searches to a noticeable degree. This algorithm has been designed to cut down black hat web spam wherein keyword stuffing and unnatural link schemes involved in boosting the ranking of the website.

What Is the Impact of Penguin 2.1? And How You can Deal With it?

As all of us know that Google Panda is mainly concerned with On-page SEO whilst Penguin is related to off-page issues like back links. Therefore, if you want to see the impact of Penguin on your website, you have to log on to your Google Analytics account and check whether there is any drop in traffic in the last couple of days or not. If, the websites hit by this update, then it will drop in traffic. For recovering, you have to disavow links or remove manually. It won’t help if you’re going to file a reconsideration request. You have to remove all the bad or unnatural links for recovering again. Likewise, you have to do more focus on unique and informative content creation for the targeted audience and not created for search engines. Moreover, if your website had hit by Penguin earlier, then you have to take initial steps to fix that. In this continuation, if you see any improvement in website’s traffic, then it is a good sign that your site has been recovered by Penguin.

SEO Firm can help you to recover from this new Google update. They are expert in driving targeted audience towards your website. Their proficient writers specialize in producing unique and high quality content. In this regard, they develop content after the deep research of the topic. So contact these reputed firms today to get high ranking in SERPs.

What is Meant By Government Shutdown for .gov SEO?
What is Meant By Government Shutdown for .gov SEO?

Today, every news channel and newspaper is flooded with the news of a partial government shutdown in the United States and this shutdown is affecting lots of industries and companies. Many informational websites run by the government have also been shut down and displaying a message that due to the lapse in federal government funding, this website is not available. They sincerely regret this inconvenience. But these websites will again available to US citizens soon when the government will start up again.

As we are aware of that most of Americans use search for attaining government information. So websites will not power up after the shutdown as they need to be indexed and achieving higher ranking in major search engines such as Google and Bing. The government websites have been shut down in two ways :-

  • The content of the page is replaced with a message. However, the URL of the website remains the same as well as returns a 200 status code.
  • The website page redirects to a different page with a 302 redirect containing the unavailable message. Herein, a 200 status code is returned by the second page.

The both scenario will result the same outcome – the URL will remain indexed, but the contents of the site will be unavailable message. With the lack of relevant content on websites, the pages of the website will be recrawled and it may possible that they may affect on ranking for some queries. It’s fine that the websites will not be available during US shutdown. But when it is over, sites will be accessible to US citizens once again and it will take lots of time in recrawling the pages and attaining high ranking back by the search engines.

If you want to drive more traffic through your website and also want to improve your ranking in search engines, then you should keep in touch with SEO Companies today.

B2B Website Content Should be Perspective to Get Excellent Revenue Return
B2B Website Content Should be Perspective to Get Excellent Revenue Return

In online marketing, there is only one perspective that how to engage and win the trust of the clients. In short, the way you leverage content should be based on the strategy for customer loyalty extension and market acquisition.
As a B2B Content Strategist, you need to consider various questions to develop a content that meets the expectation of your ideal B2B customers.

  • What’s the most important information you want the site visitor get when they arrive your website at the first time?
  • Where and how should you effectively promote your content?
  • What impression you want them to leave with? Does every page meet their expectation and provide them a reason to return?
  • How will you impress your clients in the first meeting?
  • Is the information relevant to your target audience?
  • What are important design elements that are included in the website?

Along with that, there are various other questions that you need to think from customer perspective. Content is the soul of any online business. It not only engages visitors for long time, but also helps in winning the trust, feel comfortable and go step ahead in buying process.

At HWY Cloud Inc, we help online entrepreneurs to dramatically increase their ROI by providing them strategic and effective content. We are one of the best SEO Firm. Our team of experienced and specialized content developer takes care of all little aspects in order to provide perspective and effective content.

Our experts do extensive research into your brand, goal, company, competitors and industry for providing original and best quality content. Our experts keep the client perspective in mind so that your client feels comfortable and linked with the content. To exceed on client expectation for offering original and quality content is our main goal.

Google Introduced Authorship Rich Snippets For Image Search
Google Introduced Authorship Rich Snippets For Image Search

Google’s webmaster trend analyst Pierre Far told at SMX that Google has released a small update to authorship. It has added authorship rich snippets to Google Image Search. In this update, when people search images, they usually don’t know who wrote the article for picture. They only search the images and source of that image. Typically, when articles or blog posts are written by them, there is not the same person who is the image source.

If you want to see how it works, then go to first Google Images and then search for named people having authorship. When you click on the image and the image may show a byline if the image has markup on the article linking to the authorship link. However, it has been launched quietly a couple of weeks ago by Google updated by Pierre Far.

SEO Company will help you to increase the website’s traffic by adding rich snippets to it. The number of clicks can be increased by 150 percent when the rich snippet is added. It is the great way to boost up and drive more and more visitors to a website. The icing on the cake is that it can increase the click through rate of a portal by 35% as compared to without a Google Authorship photo. According to Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, ”Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.”

With the help of SEO, you can easily implement your authorship account even if you don’t have a Google Plus profile. So you should contact reliable SEO companies in order to get high ranking in major search engines as well as boost up website’s traffic.

Adopt New Google Analytics Feature to Enjoy hassle-free Business Operation
Adopt New Google Analytics Feature to Enjoy hassle-free Business Operation

Google Analytics Dashboard is the best means to review your Google analytics data in the WordPress dashboard. Besides this, it also allows your users to view the same dashboard information whenever they are logged in. In order to make this process more easy and convenient, Google analytics have made some changes in its access control and user permissions.

Major changes that are done in the newer version are:-

  • Customize dashboard
  • Improved  segmentation capabilities
  • Emailing of reports
  • A  general overhaul  of the UI

These changes are done to provide wide ranges of functionality to enterprise class customers. The implementation of changing the dashboard functionality is the one among all. The custom dashboard feature allows you to provide a different data presentation for different users. This newer version of Google Analytic presents data more clearly and in context and hence, helps you in making decision easily and quickly.

The segmentation feature allows you to carefully measure the behavior of visitors of different groups.  Having the knowledge of the behavior of different group will allow you to target your website to the known characteristics of a group of users.  This is a wonderful tool that you can utilize to optimize your website design.

Emailing of reports is best for the companies who want to receive data without making log in to get it.

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No Page Rank Update Before 2014: Says Matt Cutts
No Page Rank Update Before 2014: Says Matt Cutts

Matt cutts, the head of Google search spam, said in one of his tweets that there would not be any Page Rank update this year. On Twitter, Niels Bosh asked if we should expect an update to Page Rank before 2014. In responding this query, he answered that he would be surprised if that happened.

Google has updated Page Rank on 4th February, 2013. So it has been now eight months in the update of Google Toolbar Page Rank. The support for PR has dropped over the years. For Chrome, Google never offered toolbar or any other extension for showing the value of Page Rank. As well, it has also dropped toolbar for Firfox also in June, 2011. However, you can check PR of the website in Internet Explorer which is the last browser to display it.  But you can’t see updated data for over 6 months.      Â

As all of us know that page rank is one of the most important factors in a website. It is used by Google to determine the ranking in the results of search engines. If you have high pagerank for your website, then there is a good possibility that your website will get high ranking in Google SERPs. SEO Firm can help you to achieve high page rank and top ranking in Search engines. They use effective SEO tactics to accomplish good rank.  The experts of the company understand the requirement and work according to it.

SEO Services includes link building, mobile optimization, content services, reputation management, Google Panda/penguin recovery, Meta Tags analysis and many more. These services play a significant role in increasing productivity and sales of the business. Their experts very well know how to recover from Panda/Penguin in the shortest time period. They help you to remove unnatural links, reduce duplicate content, avoid keyword density and so on. By availing these award-winning services, you can easily get high Page Rank of the website in the next update. Get prepared your website for the Next update now!Â

Google’s “Search By Image” Feature Not Functioning
Google's “Search By Image” Feature Not Functioning

The “Search by Image” feature of Google is not currently working for many people. This feature enables an individual to capture an image from their devices like computers, tablets or laptops etc. or plug in an image source URL into the images of Google. Then, the search engine Google will return back relevant images along with web pages containing information related to image. This great feature has introduced in the year June 2011 and there is a pretty big hit since then. It is compatible with many browsers like Firfox 3.0+, Chrome, Internet Explorer 8+ and Safari 5.0+. To upload image, you have to download a browser extension in order to search on the Internet by simple right click on the image. Afterwards, change the extension settings so that the icon of a camera may appear when hovering on the image. Thereafter, you can simply click on the icon of the camera and search by the image.

It is the best resource when the content is showing up in other places on the internet. As the result, you will get optimal results for paintings or popular landmarks. You can easily initiate a search on Google and can find the pictures of art pieces, places etc. In other words, this feature will enable you to do a reverse image search and find the relevant content related to an image. At present, it has found that the feature is being sent away when many searchers try to use it. If you attempt to upload an image, there will be displayed a message by Google that the image must be in one of the following formats: .GIF, .JPG, .Bmp, .png, .webp or .tif. If you upload an image in these formats even, you will see this message too. In the Google Forums, a spokesperson had responded to these complaints recently that they are aware of this issue and it is working on a fix currently. Soon, things will be back to normal.

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Third Party “Review Extensions” Roll Out From All Google Adwords Accounts
Third Party “Review Extensions” Roll Out From All Google Adwords Accounts

Google has introduced the beta release of Review Extensions in the June month wherein the advertisers can append of endorsement from a renowned publication in their advertisement of Google AdWords. Recently, it has started rolling out from accounts of Google AdWords.

When you open your account, you can find the option of Review Extensions under the Ad extensions tab in the next few days. The endorsement, you include in your Google ads, can be an exact quote or a paraphrased review of the publication. However, it may take some days to approve. Once it gets approval, you can start using it in Google ads. By setting up Review Extensions, you can get great exposure and flexibility at the campaign level. Although you have option to submit more than one review, yet the first approved review will run only with ads. What’s more, these extensions will get more priority as compared to ad group level extensions. Therefore, these extensions will be reviewed more speedily.

If you are creating extensions reviews, then you should more focus on your business in lieu of a particular service or product. Similarly, the starred reviews for e-commerce merchandisers are seller reviews instead of individual product blurbs. These extensions have specifically designed to be aware of potential customers how a renowned third party source views your business or service. They are the best resources for merchants in order to make their AdWords ads stand out a little more in today’s highly competitive world like Google AdWords. Always keep in the mind that you haven’t used similar review in both review extension or the ad text for an ad campaign or ad group otherwise it will appear twice in the same ad. As per the policy of the company, every review ought come from the renowned third party source only.

To set up review extensions in your account, you should contact renowned SEO Companies. These companies will create them according to their policies so that they can pass the approval process in a very short time period. SEO will understand your requirements and business and will work accordingly. So contact them today!

Guest Blogging Should Be Done In Moderation: Says Matt Cutts
Guest Blogging Should Be Done In Moderation: Says Matt Cutts

Guest blogging one of the most successful methods for building links and publicizing. Being a part of content strategy, it helps in increasing online presence on the web. Moreover, you can connect with many potential customers at multiple points. Matt Cutts, the head of Google Search Spam, answers the question in his latest video how he can guest blog without it appearing as if he paid for links. Matt Cutts told that there is a clear difference between someone who pays for links and organic guest blog when his team members review spam reports.

In his video, he has also identified that the main differences between organic guest blogging content and spam. It confirms that there is no match between the spam content and the subject of the blog itself. Also, it will contain rich anchor text stuffed with keywords. Matt Cutts further adds that a true guest blogger is a subject matter expert and he will never add a heavy amount of keywords in the content and anchor text. It seems that Guest blogging will be the rage of the month. But you should be done in moderation. If you are blogging for driving more crowd to your website, then there is no favor for the reputation of the site.

If you are running a business and want to establish a strong online presence, then the experts of SEO Company can help you in this matter. They adopt the right approach for guest blogging by avoiding spammy anchor texts, keyword rich link backs and keyword stuffed articles. Their team of knowledgeable and proficient experts writes crisp and informative content for the website. They use keywords which achieves top ranking in major search engines like Google. They develop pleasing and user-friendly content. SEO has good knowledge how to promote and attract potential customers towards the site. In this regard, they use effective methods in order to increase online presence. Moreover, they provide services as per the latest Google algorithm on search results ranking. So increase your online presence now with these effective SEO techniques. Contact them today to avail their services!

Google Released A Great Long-Form Ad Homeward Bound For Google Maps
Google Released A Great Long-Form Ad Homeward Bound For Google Maps

How many of you have heard a story about an man Saroo Brierley who has reunited with his mother after 25 years. The boy was separated from his family at the age of five. As a young child, he falls asleep on the train and his brother was not able to wake him up on the destination. Later, when he woke up, the train was empty and there is no clue to go back home. In Australia, a reputed family has adopted him. He didn’t know where he grew up and it was just like to search a needle in a haystack.

But thanks to the uncanny technology of Google Earth, it gives a way to find his childhood home and reunite with his family. This entire story has been told by the young man in his book “A Long Way Home”. Moreover, Google has launched this great video of the unlikely reunion named Homeward Bound recently. In the three-minute clip, Brierley recalls that People would say that you are trying to find a needle in a haystack and you will never find it. Yes it was a needle in the haystack, but it was there.

This is a great ad for Google and Google Maps playing to the aspirations of digital products and the internet for connecting people as well as solving real-world problems. This outstanding ad has emotional content yet it is true. A long-form TV ad tells us a compelling story reminding us of the high-minded heart of Google beating still within the machine. However, we can find many worthless online video advertising. But it is really very powerful.

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Some Ways to Optimize Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm To Increase Visibility in Social Media
Some Ways to Optimize Facebook's News Feed Algorithm To Increase Visibility in Social Media

It has been recently confirmed by a Facebook insider that Facebook EdgeRank has no existence. Facebook is now focusing on detecting superior quality content after Google Hummingbird launch. If marketers want to optimize for Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm, they require to consider about social comments as same as they think for Google or other search engines. Simply put, If you want to improve your visibility to the relevant audience through your content, it should be relevant, informational, trustworthy and timely.

In order to achieve maximum visibility and engagement of users, the pages of Facebook have emaciated on image posts more heavily. But you have to rethink before publishing link posts on Facebook with its recent update wherein it has boosted the size of an image on links displayed in the News Feed. Moreover, an individual has an algorithmic preference for some types of posts like links, text updates, images etc. So, you may fail to connect with large fan base if you share post only one type. Apart from this, content, you post on the site, should be timely and relevant. The best rule of optimizing for Facebook is that if the content is not relevant or of user’s interest, it may possible that either it will not show in the user’s feed due to algorithm or the user will not engage in it. Thus it will not give any value.

Many marketers focus only on increasing their fan base or likes. For this, they beg users for likes/shares. Buy they should start sharing interesting posts to increase their potential consumer base. It is very good that the content, you post on the site, is awesome. But it is equally important how you represent it to your target audience through social media.

If you want to improve your visibility in social media websites like Facebook, then you should take help from reputed SEO Company. They apply effective SMO strategies and techniques that will assist to achieve your goal and to increase visibility in social media sites. These companies have a team of well talented and highly qualified SEO who have great expertise in optimizing Facebook News feed algorithm with the right techniques.

Demystifying Dynamic Search Results Page of Google
Demystifying Dynamic Search Results Page of Google

SERP or Search Engine Results Page is pretty difficult to keep up as Google, the major Internet dominant has multiple SERPs. It has a few elements appearing in the search engine if your search is considered particularly local or shopping-oriented or if Google reckons that it has a direct answer. Here are some particular elements:-

Google Local Carousel
If you are searching something near to your place, then you will likely to search through Google “Local Carousel” bringing back matches drawn from its Google+ local information. It may be challenging for you to jump out these matches as well as over to the actual sites of some specific places. In local carousel, you will get direct answers along with locations, hours and other business information. Therefore, you will never think to leave Google.

Google Ads
If you are searching for self driving cars in search engine, then there will appear many ads when you search. This is known as Google Adwords that is a great resource of gaining traffic by purchasing ads on major search engines. These ads are basically on PPC/CPC basis.

Ads Related to Shopping
While searching things for shopping related, you will receive advertisements back from top shopping merchants. To show results in these listings, an advertiser has to purchase PLAs or Product listing ads.

Music and Song Carousel
For Music results, Google has offered results in the box of Knowledge Graph Box with the right-side of the page. If you are searching for any music artist followed by the word “songs” like “Green Day songs” or “U2 songs”, then you will get a long list of relevant songs. Thereafter, if you click on one of them, then it will jump you to their official videos posted on YouTube.

Direct Answers By Google
The major search engine Google has offered direct answers to the queries like package tracking, temperatures and many more queries.

Results for Images
Over the years, Google, Internet dominant search engine, has shown results from the vertical search engines of Google like Google News or Google Images when considered appropriate. For Google images, they are the best examples. You will also see the pictures of people who have written web pages or articles.

Google sitelinks were basically the small listings to other pages within a website appearing below the main listing. For the years, these listings have been expanded with descriptions of those pages containing information about a business listed and many more.

Results of Videos
Across the web, Google also blends in results of videos from video websites just like Google images. But it mainly shows the results from YouTube only. However, Google does not provide any preference to YouTube, but there are so many videos on the site. Apart from this, it blends in local results and Google maps. They are sometimes called the 7-pack because it appears seven large listings.

Knowledge Graph Box
The knowledge graph box of Google provides the factual information related to places, people and things. Therein, the basic facts are shown often and sometimes, it will display the information from Google+.

For More information about Google search results, please contact reputed SEO companies.

Hummingbird Algorithm: Changes the link Building Process
Hummingbird Algorithm: Changes the link Building Process

Google has launched a new algorithm Hummingbird a few months ago. This algorithm is introduced to create a finer distillation of its entire newer ranking factor. In other words, it is designed to make the Google smarter and faster than ever before. The biggest change that the hummingbird has introduced with the Google search’s ability to provide Q & A style search forum for certain queries. This algorithm is best for conversational searches. This means that people will get the exact answer of their queries in a quick and easy manner.

Most of the SEO companies have a question that did Hummingbird kill link building?

The answer is “No”. Link building is still alive. However, its definition is surely changed. With the introducing of Hummingbird algorithm, tricking the Google becomes impossible. Now link building need to be focused on providing significant values to users. You can build excellent links by following some rigid steps which include:-

  • Developing amazing and authentic content
  • Contribute to relevant online communities.
  • To get comprehensive information about your influence in space.
  • Ask friends to share your content at appropriate time.

Along with the above mentioned points, there are various other technical aspects that you should take care of for excellent link building.

HWY Cloud Inc the leading SEO Firm focus on providing SEO services as per the latest Google updates. Our team of SEO experts keep themselves aware with all the latest Google announcements to provide our clients 100% satisfying results as soon as possible. We use state-of-art tools and techniques to index your website on search engines like Google with an ease.

We provide customize optimization services to clients throughout the world as per their needs and market competition. Our main objective is to help clients in building a strong reputation locally and globally. It is our dedication to provide unparalleled services at competitive rates that make our SEO Services popular across the globe.

Google Has made Effective Changes in Their Snippets Algorithm
Google Has made Effective Changes in Their Snippets Algorithm

Recently, Google has announced a subtle yet effective change in the way it showcases the snippets in the search result pages. Actually, a snippet is a result that Google displays to the visitor in the organic search results. Google has always put a lot of concern into how they showcase organic listings on their search engine results page. In fact, they are perpetually implementing effective changes to how they display such listings.

The hyperlinks and URLs demonstrated as an element of every search result have seen very few alterations over the time. But variations of snippets are continuously being examined. The key objective of demonstrating a search snippet is to convenience to the visitor what he can expect to find or should he click on a specific hyperlink in the search engine result pages.

Now the Google has planned to come up with more descriptive and useful snippets to aid users better understand how links are reverent to their searches. That’ s the reason why, the resulted snippets is becoming more lengthier, today. This significant change has been noticing by a large number of people every day.

At Google, the block of text is usually displayed with a minimum of about 150 characters. It has announced that it has begun showcasing even longer search result snippets when the visitor searches for long keywords containing more than two or three keywords.

Understanding how the Google select such descriptive blocks will allow you to control to a certain extent what is showcased in the search engine result pages.

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