Google Penguin 2.0 Recovery

As the Google has finally unveiled their Penguin 2.0 update, this has been considered as the biggest update to the Penguin algorithm by the webmasters since the original appeared in the year April 2012. There has been observed a heavy fall in the rankings of many websites and to recover the position of your website; you can view the following Penguin 2.0 updates announced recently. To gain your position, Penguin v2 can actually prove beneficial for you.

Total Number

Google first of all keeps track of the total number of links one has. It is not at all an effective factor considering the rank, trustworthiness and establishment of a well updated site which will be much valuable than spammy and low quality links.


If site is having a several links from the same site, then it would be considered a spoil spot. Google will disregard the influences of most of the links and so link diversity are very important.
*Google can easily detect the domain through the varied IP addresses. So, the link should come from a credible and suggesting connection.

Anchor Text

This helps to keep your link profile diverse while creating different links and makes it look natural. As a benefit, the people won’t use the keyword that the developers have made on that page pointing to that site.


Diversity or variation is very important in terms of anchor text and source of the links. Variation is also an important factor with respect to image versus text, placement of links on various sites and ‘dofollow’ links versus ‘nofollow’ links. During the past years, Google had only allowed the ‘DoFollow’ links. As a result, every site developer started focusing entirely on ‘DoFollow’ links and started eliminating the other.


Quality is one of the important factors. It would be better to receive links from valued sites rather than receiving it from unknown spammy blogs. Creating and sharing the links should be the top priority to enhance the quality of a website. Relevance of the links is another sign of quality, which may prove beneficial for you. Google is going to discount the sites where the subjects are not relevant and merely make sense. A typical webmaster must not try to lessen the irrelevant topics and stay in their niche.

Bad Links

The bad links may have bad effects and have a detrimental impression on page ranking. So, equal importance is given to limit the number of bad links.


Google trusts the old links more than the new ones because they are more influential and effective. Thus, older and known links will definitely be more because they are much more authoritative.


This refers to the rate and schedule at which the links are built. The key is to make the links look natural and consistent in making. There should not be many curves in the velocity and developing new links should be more than the previous month.

If you are also affected by Penguin 2.0, then you do not have to worry as the leading organization HWY Cloud Inc will offer the best services to overcome the penalty. The following steps are undertaken while your website is affected with Penguin v2 and you can view them as follows-

Step 1

You must identify and remove spam or low quality pages from your main website. You must keep in mind to provide only the pages and information to the users, which are relevant and may prove useful for your website. View the entire site and check for search engine fodder. If it exists, you must entirely remove it.

Step 2

The spammy inbound links must be checked and removed completely. You can perform an inbound link profile audit to identify the links which could be bringing down your rankings and causing your website to be affected by Penguin 2.0. After checking for those unusual links, you must make an attempt to remove them by emailing the webmasters. While your removal request has been completed, you can also disavow them using Google’s Disavow tool.

Step 3

After the complete process, you can engage in a new inbound link building campaign. Through this, you need to prove Google that your website is worthy of ranking at the top of search engine result page. For this, you may require some credible and trust worthy votes of third parties. These votes will appear in the form of inbound links from other publishers who are trust-able with Google. You need to figure out the publisher who rank on the top of search results for your primary keywords and ask them to post a guest blog for them.

A focus on credible content and finest quality work with a reputable SEO Company like HWY Cloud Inc will be beneficial.

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